Sail Fish Catch and Release!

 Parker's Ledge

 Costa Rica Dive

 Parker's Ledge 2014 Full Dive

 R7 May 2014

 Betsy Ross December 2013

 North Hole Dive October 2013

 R7 August 2013 Loggerhead Turtle

 R7 Dive 2013

 Fish America Reef Balls

 Betsy Ross Dive - Jan 2013

 Betsy Ross Dive II - Jan 2013

 Gigging - 2012

 Betsy Ross Cobia Filming the Capture and Release of many Cobia

 R7 Free Dive Cobia Spear

 Flounder Filet

 Cobia Filet

 North Hole Dive, 2011

SCUBA diving videos compliments of the original Reel Carolina boys Dr. Marty Pauls and Russel Patterson.

 Betsy Ross Sharks, 1991

 Fish Trees, 1991

 Parker's Ledge, 1991

 Tug Boat Tire Reef, 1991